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America's most produced contemporary opera, AS ONE s a chamber opera in which two voices— Hannah younger and Hannah older— share the part of a sole transgender protagonist. This 75-minute work by Laura Kaminsky, Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed traces Hannah’s experiences from her youth in a small town to her college years—and finally traveling alone to a different country, where she realizes some truths about herself. 


My production originated with Chicago Fringe Opera in 2017, at The Center on Halsted, Chicago's LGBTQ Community Center.  I curated the TransArtist Spotlight in conjunction with the opera, showcasing original works by transgender artists, including dance performances by Darling Shear, paintings by Karla Wong and an original film by KELLEYThe production marked the Chicago debut of Maestra Alexandra Enyart, the first transgender woman to conduct AS ONE. 

"...Amy Hutchison's light-handed touch helps

make this one of Chicago Fringe Opera's

best works to date."

- Vocal Arts Chicago  

"Wilson and Attaguile are both superb actors and were consistently credible throughout.... 

Director Amy Hutchison moved the action

fluently and naturally within the intimate black box." 

- Chicago Classical Review

"Both Attaguile and Wilson sang very well and did a marvelous job of externalizing Hannah’s
inner conflicts. "

- Chicago Tribune

"The show plumbed emotional depths

seldom reached by even the most famous grand operas.  Evan Bravos and Ashley Kay Armstrong, delivered riveting performances." 

- Santa Barbara Independent

Santa Barbara photos by Zach Mendez Chicago photos by Victor LeJeune 


            Conductor     Alexandra Enyart

                      Cast     Ashley Kay Armstrong

                                   Evan Bravos

           Projections     Kimberly Reed

             Costumes     Stacie Logue

                Lighting     Helena Kuukka

With a special performance by:

Trans Chorus of Los Angeles


             Conductor     Cody Martin

                 Quartet     Polymnia String Quartet

                       Cast     Elise Quagliata

                                   Robert Wesley Mason

            Projections    Kimberly Reed

              Costumes    Laura Lane

                 Lighting    K. StephensonS. Setta

Collaboration with Sunday's Child




            Conductor     Kristin Roach

                 Quartet     Camarata San Antonio

                       Cast     L. Bou

                                   Jose Rubio

           Projections     Kimberly Reed

             Costumes     Rose Kennedy

                Lighting     Bill Peeler

                Scenery      Alfy Valdez​



           Conductor     Alexandra Enyart

                Quartet     The Zafa Collective

                      Cast     Samantha Attaguile

                                   Jonathan Wilson

          Projections      Kimberly Reed

            Costumes      Shanna Foster

 Scenery/Lighting     Ted Nazarowski

Performances at The Center on Halsted

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