Photos by Wendy Alas

 Photos by  Wendy Alas  

A multimedia opera by Missy Mazzoli and Royce Vavrek, SONG FROM THE UPROAR: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF ISABELLE EBERHARDT is inspired by the life and writings of early-20th-century explorer Isabelle Eberhardt. Through a series of surreal vignettes, the audience witnesses key moments in Eberhardt’s life; from the death of her family, through her journeys in the North African desert, to her ecstatic religious conversion, and ultimately to her tragic drowning in a flash flood at the age of 27.  

Our immersive production in Mason Hall at the Preston Bradley Center featured the artwork and projections by Franny Mendes Levitin.  Missy Mazzoli attended the opening and participated in a talkback. 

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