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"Imaginatively conceived, vigorously executed double bill..."

- Chicago Tribune

“Hutchison whipped up a lot of fun…. The show looked great.... creatively produced, enchantingly played and sung. As the saying goes, a good time was had by all.”

- Opera News

“A worthy homage to Donizetti with kudos to Hutchison, Danzig and the creative team on this lively and witty production.”

- Operawire

"We have nothing but praise for Amy Hutchison’s stage direction... [which] unfailingly served the music and drama with a light touch. Her abundant creativity is evident throughout. We left the theater with a feeling of joy."



“...thoughtful and engaging with RITA coming off as deliciously hilarious.”
- Hyde Park Herald 

"In a little over two hours, Chicago Opera Theater’s enchanted matched set, a Chicago first, delivers an opera lover’s dreams on a golden platter...
Suddenly 2018 feels a lot more bearable."

- Stage and Cinema


“a production bursting with enthusiasm, joy, and a lot of silliness. There are lots of laughs and lots of love, all distributed throughout a work full of beautiful songs and a wide variety of dance styles. You’ll be humming your way home with a spring in your step”
Hyde Park Herald


“Director Amy Hutchison and five ( ! ) choreographers keep the staging invigorating."

- Windy City Times

Skillfully directing this production is Amy Hutchison, who has significant experience in opera, operetta and musical theatre"

"...Amy Hutchison's light-handed touch helps

make this one of Chicago Fringe Opera's

best works to date."

- Vocal Arts Chicago  

"Wilson and Attaguile are both superb actors and were consistently credible throughout.... 

Director Amy Hutchison moved the action

fluently and naturally within the intimate black box." 

- Chicago Classical Review

"Both Attaguile and Wilson sang very well and did a marvelous job of externalizing Hannah’s
inner conflicts. "

- Chicago Tribune

“Allen’s opera is a gorgeous celebration of Dunbar, meticulously thought-out and rendered in a wide variety of musical styles attractively juxtaposed and weaved together.... 

Stage Director Amy Hutchison did a stupendous job in bringing this story to life This production was a home run for the South Shore Opera Company of Chicago."
- Hyde Park Herald 

"...A striking piece of contemporary music theater.... Amy Hutchison's imaginative staging was as colorful and intricately patterned as an artisan Oriental rug.  The design team conjured sunbaked Algerian deserts, a hashish parlor and other scenes exquisitely, using minimal means."

- Chicago Tribune 

 "A multi-media, multi-layered design perfectly suited to the story elements.... Under Hutchison’s direction,

it all comes together as an impossible cohesion

of raw emotion and struggle."




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