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Opera Festival of Chicago 

 Photos by Elliot Mandel Photography

Filled with soaring melodies, virtuosic bel canto vocal lines and exhilarating choruses,  Verdi's thrilling 1848 opera Il Corsaro plunges into Lord Byron's swashbuckling world of pirates and pashas and passions. The pirate Corrado, ignoring his beloved Medora's deadly visions, sets sail and attacks the palace of his enemy Pasha Seid.  During battle, the harem is set ablaze. Corrado rushes to save Gulnara and other enslaved women, but he is captured and imprisoned. The fiery Gulnara, desperate for freedom, sneaks into the dungeon with a dagger and implores the pirate to kill the sleeping pasha. When Corrado refuses, Gulnara ventures out and murders Seid herself, frees Corrado and other captives, and they sail back to the pirate cove. But tragedy awaits, and Medora's dark visions come true. 


              Conductor    Emanuele Andrizzi

         Scene Design    Eleanor Kahn

    Costume Design    Emily Daugherty

     Lighting Design    Eric Watkins

      Fight Direction     Nicolas Sandys

        Choreography    Angelina Genova


"... if the festival’s delightful presentation of Verdi’s Il Corsaro is any indication, Opera Festival of Chicago has good shot at success. 


Il Corsaro has arching Bellini-esque arias for the principals and choral interludes that find the composer at his chest-thumping early best.


...And there are swordfights! 

 - Opera News 


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