Chicago Opera Theater

"Imaginatively conceived, vigorously executed double bill..."

- Chicago Tribune

“Hutchison whipped up a lot of fun….

creatively produced, enchantingly played and sung. As the saying goes, a good time was had by all.”

- Opera News

“A worthy homage to Donizetti with kudos to Hutchison, Danzig and the creative team on this lively and witty production.”

- Operawire

"We have nothing but praise for Amy Hutchison’s stage direction.... Her abundant creativity is evident throughout. We left the theater with a feeling of joy."

- BuzzNews


“...thoughtful and engaging with RITA coming off as deliciously hilarious.”
- Hyde Park Herald 


A double bill of one act operas by Gaetano Donizetti, spanning his career. 
IL PIGMALIONE is the very genesis of Donizetti’s prodigious operatic canon. For this lyrical drama, we conjured the chiaroscuro of Italian neorealist cinema in the artist’s studio, a shrine to his obsession with his ideal love, Galatea, who springs to life in answer to his prayers. 
For the second opera, RITA, the artist's studio transformed into a charming seaside cafe on the sun-soaked Amalfi coast, drenched in vibrant color, inspired by Italian fashion illustrator Rene Gruau.  The farce was infused with commedia dell’arte techniques and dollops of dream-like absurdity in an homage to Fellini. 


 Photos by Liz Lauren 

              Conductor    Francesco Milioto

         Scene Design    William Boles

    Costume Design    Shanna Foster

  Projection Design    John Boesche

     Lighting Design     Ted Nazarowski

 Director/Clowning    Adrian Danzig

                        Cast     Javier Abreu  
                                    Angela Mortellaro
                                    Keith Phares 

                                    Sean Garratt
                                    Alexander Knapp

                                    Patrick Shelton

                                    Alexandra Martinez

                                    Heather Corwin
                                    Sam Weiser

                                    Lani Stait