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Chicago Opera Theater

 Photos by Liz Lauren 

Stars: Javier Abreu, Angela Mortellaro, Keith Phares   /  Clowning - Adrian Danzig

Scenery - William Boles / Costumes - Shanna Foster / Projections - John Boesche / Lighting - Ted Nazarowski


"Imaginatively conceived, vigorously executed double bill..."

- Chicago Tribune

Hutchison whipped up a lot of funcreatively produced, enchantingly played and sung.

As the saying goes, a good time was had by all.”

- Opera News

“A worthy homage to Donizetti with kudos to Hutchison, Danzig and the creative team on this lively and witty production.”

- Operawire

"We have nothing but praise for Amy Hutchison’s stage direction.... Her abundant creativity is evident throughout.

We left the theater with a feeling of joy."

- BuzzNews


“...thoughtful and engaging with RITA coming off as deliciously hilarious.”
- Hyde Park Herald 


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