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South Shore Opera Company

Performances of composer Jonathon Stinson's opera collaboration with librettist Alan Marshall, a "The March: A Civil Rights Opera Project," which dramatized events leading up to The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, arguably the most consequential peaceful civil rights gathering in American history.  We created an immersive performance combining new opera scenes and arias with a civil rights mass meeting, with original speeches and historic freedom songs led with audience singing along.  We performed for audiences throughout the development process. Performances at South Shore Cultural Center, Northwestern University,  The Chicago Temple, and at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia during the 2012 Opera America Conference, among others.  

 Photos by Omar Robles  

       Conductor    Daniel Black

         Costumes    Shanna Foster Philipson

       Projections    Hillary Leben
            Lighting   Julian Pike


Martin Luther King, Jr.    Martin Woods

                                          Keenan McCarter

Emmett Till                      B.A. Newland

John Lewis                       Cornelius Johnson

Bayard Rustin                  Larry Marshall

                                         Bernard Holcomb

Roy Wilkins                      Vince Wallace

A. Philip Randolph          Kirk Walker

Coretta Scott King          Kimberly Jones

Pres. Kennedy                 Scott Brunscheen

                                          Jeremy A. Fisher

                                          George Somerville

Senator Hatch                 Corey Grigg

Freedom Singer              Gwendolyn Brown

                                          Angela  Simpson

Diane Nash                      Aurelia Clunie 

Senators                           Wilbur Pauley

                                          Nik Wenzel

Lila                                    Leila Bowie

Protester                          Genevieve Thiers

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